September 2015: Update from Switzerland 2

Vol. 7, Issue 3  |  September 2015


Learn from other industries

By Erwin Meier-Honegger

Autumn is inspiration and training time. The summer months can often recharge your personal batteries, and this energy puts you on the right track to explore new ideas. The range of conferences, seminars, congresses and trade fairs is particularly diverse in September; the proverbial “spoiled for choice”. My choice usually falls on events outside the horticultural environment. Not because the “horticultural” events were not exciting; but somehow these “ideas birthplaces” seems incestuous to me. And I wonder if exchanges among too closely related professionals is not encouraging hereditary diseases.

What do I mean by that? Take yourself a quarter of an hour to listen to the brilliant lecture “When ideas have sex” by Matt Ridley.




Did you see us share this video on the IGCC Switzerland Facebook Page?  It is worth watching.  Break routine: ‘personal butler’ at a Canadian garden centre.

(Thank you Thermoflor B.V. for your Blog-Post!)


Best regards from Switzerland. 

Erwin Meier-Honegger


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