Are you interested in becoming a member of IGCA? 
Membership is open to national garden centre associations. 


Why belong to IGCA?

  • This forum provides administrators access to activities of other member national garden centre associations, so they can improve their skills and gain ideas that can be implemented at their own associations
  • It provides access to international garden centres for garden centre owners, so they can:
    • Help improve their sales techniques
    • Learn and provide marketing concepts
    • Adopt foreign merchandising techniques before their competitors
    • Networking and access to an annual week-long congress that combines learning in a relaxed, educational and social setting
  • It provides attendance to the administrator’s meeting for one administrator per country that attends this meeting. This administrator’s meeting is the perfect forum for administrators to share ideas and information with one another. This benefit is greater than 980 Euro in value to attendees – almost half the value of membership dues
  • It provides the opportunity for members to host the IGCA Congress. This is an opportunity to generate revenue and showcase the best in local garden centres to the world. Countries that manage this event effectively make enough revenue to cover their membership dues for years.
  • It allows your industry members to become involved on the IGCA Board or committees, thereby providing free professional development and an opportunity to improve their own skills in an organisation that directly benefits their own business and industry.

How to join:

Individual garden centre membership of the IGCA is normally through a national Garden Centre Association. Only one such association in each country can be a member of the IGCA.

In countries where there is no formal national trade group, individual Garden Centre operators can apply for individual membership until such time as their country forms a national group and then they are required to join their national group.

  • Contact the IGCA Administrator on, indicating your interest in becoming a member or complete the online registration form here.
  • Membership fees are 1500 Euros per annum.

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