September 2015: Update from Japan

Vol. 7, Issue 3  |  September 2015


Report from Japan

By Akihiro Ozaki

You might have already known that it is the Tokyo Olympic year in the summer of 2020. During that time the event area will be decorated with a lot of flowers. It will use strong varieties what will survive during the heat of summer, since the Olympics are to be held under harsh condition of midsummer in Japan. The picture includes the trial flowerbeds to verify the good varieties under such kind of condition. There are 300 varieties to be planted in June and their growth situation is being reviewed over three months. Of course, the results will be shared with other parties, such as seed companies and producers, and will also be kept alive for future breeding and production planning. 

We hope that it will be a fantastic Olympic year surrounded by a lot of flowers. 

Akihiro Ozaki
Ozaki Flower Park

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