September 2015: IGCA Board Member Perspective

Vol. 7, Issue 3  |  September 2015


IGCA Board Member Perspective

By Stepan Smerda

At the last IGCA meeting I received the honour of being elected to the board of IGCA. I’m glad to be a member of a group of people, with whom you can talk openly about plans and ideas that have yet to be thought through. We know from our conversations often discover things that push us forward. I am the first board member from Eastern Europe. Our Czech Association and I not only know our own country very well, we also know our Eastern European neighbours. We will look for the potential to invite new countries into IGCA and our common activities.

Czech Republic will host the IGCA Congress 2018. I assure you that we have already started the preparations. We would like to show you not only the horticultural industry but also the beauty and culture of the Czech Republic. It seems that Congress 2018 is a long time time away, but time passes so quickly. When we meet in Prague three years from now, we can talk about how we managed to organize a week in the heart of Europe.

What our Czech garden industry will manage to do, and not do in the future, we do not know.  But we are sure, unfortunately, the work in our industry is never done. 

Stepan Smerda
Zahradnictví Líbeznice s.r.o.



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