September 2015: Update from Czech Republic

Vol. 7, Issue 3  |  September 2015


Autumn greetings from Czech

By Michal Ferenčík

Summer this year was a big test for us in Czech. We had almost six weeks with temperatures of 35+ degrees. Finally autumn is coming and the beginning of the season is looking good with plenty of customers visiting our centres.

Our main promotion this autumn is to inspire our customers to add plants to their balconies and terraces.  One of our colleagues has made a presentation with pallets, and it works very well.

We have also been working with our suppliers to link products to the plants.  Now we have covered units for products next to the plants.  For example, we have a unit next to the soft fruit table and it is filled with fertilizer and compost for the fruit. This is repeated around the outside area, and we have one unit called “right now in your garden”.  This idea was implemented this spring and we have seen a good increase in the sales of the products in the units.  

A big “thank you” for your hospitality to all the Danish garden centres from our delegates to the IGCA; we were very happy to see how your industry works.  

Michal Ferenčík
Garden Centre Ferenčík



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