March 2015: Update from US

Vol. 7, Issue 1  |  March 2015


Painting Parties Pull People into Garden Centres to Shop in the USA

By Jeff Morey

Milaeger’s store in the Midwestern U.S. state of Wisconsin – the city of Racine –  is a social gathering spot during its two-hour evening Painting Parties held monthly, excluding the busy time of May. Led by local artist Dawn Mader in one of Milaeger’s greenhouses, the popular events invite up to 20 guests to paint a theme – waterfront settings, flowers or snowmen, for example – on a tile or canvas. “It’s amazing the way everyone’s painting looks so good at the end, and they’re all so different,” says Kara Kading, Director of Events and Marketing at Milaeger’s.  

For $45, guests are given all of the project materials, including the paint, brushes, apron, and canvas or tile. They get the creative juices flowing, sipping wine and snacking on fruit, crackers and cheese.

“We have a lot of regulars who love to attend,” Kading says. “It has become a regular social event for sisters, friends and loved ones to get together.” She continues, “We’ve really worked on creating more entertainment and more experiences to get customers here – and once they get here, they’re shopping.”

Milaeger’s Racine, Wisconsin, store is one of 18 featured destinations on the Garden Centers of America (GCA) Summer Tour, June 21-24. GCA is the exclusive representative organization for IGCA in the United States. The GCA Summer Tour, the industry’s hot ticket behind-the-scenes store showcase, draws attendance internationally, including from Europe, Canada and Costa Rica. For more information about the GCA Summer Tour and to register, visit

Jeff Morey
Garden Centres of America

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