June 2015: Update from Denmark

Vol. 7, Issue 2  |  June 2015


Report from Denmark

By Steen Vinkler

After a cold wet spring, the sun is now shinning here in Denmark and we are really looking forward to welcoming you all to the IGCA Congress August 9th-14th.

This year’s spring has been very difficult for the Danish garden centres.  We have had the seventh coldest may since 1874!!! And it doesn’t bring very many customers to our Centres, because today’s customers don’t want to go into the garden when the weather is bad. 

It seems like businesses selling everything from pots to terraces and patio accessories have been good this spring and it’s possible to that sales will continue on to be strong in those categories.  Hopefully now when the sun is shining, customers will fill the pots up with lots of flowers.

Again this year we feel it’s very difficult to get people gardening, lots of people feel that gardening just is a bad duty and not a joy.  We discuss across all groups in Denmark how we can bring people back to gardening, how to make it “in” to go in to your garden instead of going to the Fitness Centre but it’s up the hill, but hopefully we will climb over it.

Our people at the office, Per and Katrine, are working very hard to prepare a good week for you here in Denmark and we are looking forward to show you a little bit of Danish experience, industry, garden centres, castles, gardens, etc. and we hope everybody can find something that is useful in their country. 

See you in Denmark

Steen Vinkler
Bo Grønt Skæring



Just two months now!

By Katrine Damsgaard-Sørensen

In just two months we will be in the middle of The 57th International Garden Centre Congress. To date, we have 170 delegates. The steam of registrations is slowing down, but we know that there will always be a few who register at the last minute, and for those we keep spare hotel rooms ☺

As the itinerary is complete down to every minute, it is now all the funny details, we are preparing; – polo shirts are ordered, the mascots for the four busses are handmade, the menus are tasted and the wine selected..

We know that many of you will arrive to Denmark either a few days before the congress – or stay some days after. And for you we will write on the website about some of the best sites of our country. It may be places of culture or historic interest – or just some of our own favourite places, that we will recommend you to see. 






Visit the largest trade fair for Scandinavian design

On Thursday, August 13th, all delegates are going to visit Formland, Nordic Design Community. It is a professional design community with a focus on inspiration, trade, networking and experiences – and the largest trade fair for Scandinavian design.

We look forward to presenting you with the latest collections of Nordic design presented by 450 exhibitors in the interior, bloom, food, tabletop, light, Branding Expo News and Nordic Buzz.



Four free garden magazines this year!

This year we are able to publish four issues of the free customer magazine “Haveglæder” (Garden Joy). By this time we have these out in the garden centres:

Early Spring 2015 Spring 2015 Summer 2015



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Katrine Damsgaard-Sørensen
Danish Garden Centre Association


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