IGCA Interactive Tour

Purpose of the Interactive Tour:

The purpose of the Interactive tour is to ensure that the congress is used as a learning opportunity. The interactive tour expands on the popular study tour of the past – but all ages can participate. Your bus will have a mix of countries, with delegates eager to participate in discussions and gain the most out of their experience. You will be sent some information prior to the congress to help you prepare for the discussion topics. Please note that discussions on the interactive tour will be in English.

Delegates on the Interactive tour will:
– Ensure that the most is made from each visit during the congress through additional explanations or information about each business, plus having the opportunity to ask questions about what has been seen.
– Analyze and discuss each visit to get the most out of it.
– Learn about cultural differences and how these affect each business.
– Facilitate discussions – sharing common problems, and what is done around the world to resolve these challenges; comparing your own business successes and failures.
– Form friendships and a peer group to help you resolve any future challenges and discuss opportunities. Interactive tour participants will have access to a Facebook group of all current and past participants to continue the discussion after each congress.

Who should come:
Garden centre managers, directors or owners who are keen to learn and exchange ideas with other international delegates. 

Space is limited, so plan ahead and register early if you wish to be part of the Interactive tour.